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  • January 13, 2024 13 min 53 sec

Playful Asian feet at the office


Lynn is enjoying her break at work, there is almost no one there because it's in between Christmas and New Year's Eve and she just takes is easy. Having her feet on the table, wearing those worn smelly flats and just playing with her feet, reading stuff and learning anything she can for the future when she's planning to be the manager and have people below her. Maybe even literarly below since she really really loves foot massages and even foot worship. And who would not want to worship those sexy small Asian feet, right? Well she knows you would! That's why she's acting like she sees nothing when you're all around her feet, trying to smell them, wanting to worship them but you know you can't because she's your colleague. But it would be amazing! She's your goddess! Vietnamese sexy feet goddess. You don't know it yet but pretty soon you might be required by her to worship those feet, when she's the boss. Happy Christmas!

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