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  • March 6, 2024 19 min 43 sec

Classroom foot smelling education with teacher and 3 pretty students

Maya Yara Vicky Blue Kate

You're kinda the slower kid in school and you're always distracted with girls more than you pay attention to what this English teacher is teaching you. She's getting a bit fed up with you and when you're again flirting with girls in her classroom she decides to act. You don't even know what 'feet' means in English and also what 'smelly' means. Well you're gonna learn that right now. The 3 young classmates you have in front of you will be instructed by the teacher to make you smell their feet and you're gonna learn better English and also how to behave in the classroom. And if that's not enough for you the teacher will join as well with her bare feet and stinky soles freshly out of her shoes after the whole day at school. You will surely remember this lesson.

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