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  • December 27, 2023 10 min 48 sec

Paying for drinks with her own sexy BIG feet


Didi loves to go out on Friday evenings and she's out today as well but now there is one problem - she didn't get enough money and they don't take cards in this place...damn...But wait there might be a way after all. The thing is that Didi noticed the bartender was checking up her feet in high heels a lot. And I mean like a lot! He has to have foot fetish and now might be the perfect time to test it and use it to her advantage. After all no girl likes to pay for her own drinks and id she could arrange it in the way that the bartender would just worship her feet and it would end there and that would be considered a payment, she would be pretty happy with that :). Well who never asks shall never recieve, right? And she knows her feet are too sexy for him to turn this down. Honestly, would you?

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