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  • May 1, 2024 22 min 11 sec

Her sore feet and toes need a lot of attention


Ginger had a really long day, walking from meeting to meeting, she had to walk like 10 kilometers today in those high heels pumps today. Her feet are sore, she has band-aids all over her hurt toes and she can't almost walk at all. But now she's finally home! She can rest, take those shoes off and let her toes breathe a bit. God knows they need some space. But they hurt so bad it's not gonna be just like will take some time to get them moving again, get those band-aids off them and let her bare feet get some air, wiggle her toes and massage her soles a bit before she can walk again. And than finally she's looking forward to take those comfy flip flops on and relax a bit.

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