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  • December 1, 2023 5 min 34 sec

Finally at Goddess Lynn's sexy Asian feet


You have finally been allowed to visit Goddess Lynn and see her sexy small feet in person. She's so perfect, an Asian goddess at who's feet you'd lay day and night if you could. You're all excited to worship her feet but she's telling you what to do and right now she just wants you to watch. To see her soles as she's playing with them right in front of your face. She's just teasing you, having fun with you, when you're so weak, such a loser who would do anything for her, for those sexy Asian feet. Vietnamese girls are the best! You're starting to beg so you could at least smell her feet. To give her at least a foot massage! She's so controlling, so mean right now and you're down, almost at the bottom and ready to do what it takes to convince her to let you worship her feet.

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