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  • November 14, 2023 9 min 45 sec

New shoes for our 6 sexy feet. Deal?

Maya Yara Vicky

Your friend is a golden one! She invited her 2 friends in her place and she invited you as well. She's the one that lets you worship and massage her feet on occasion but today it's gonna be even better. She tells her friends that you're into feet and that if they will let you worship all of their feet you'd buy them new shoes of their choosing. That sounds great! You agree and the fun can start. All those 6 sexy feet just for you to play with, to be teased with, to smell, so lick, to suck. All those soles and toes that you can worship right now. They don't have any experience with this and you can see in their face how much new it's for them when you worship those sexy soles. But it looks they actually enjoy it as well. This is the best day ever!

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