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  • March 14, 2024 7 min 58 sec

Teacher gets humiliated by his sexy student's feet


Yelena is in Czech Republic shortly and she's been learning Czech from the start but it's hard for her. She's taking more classes to successfully make the course but her teacher is still not very satisfied, she's just not doing so well. But she needs to finish this course and she's all fed up with this. There has to be a different way of passing this, she thinks and bashes the teacher's head against on white board. He's immediately out and next time he wakes up he's on the ground, below Yelena and pretty soon also below her feet. Helpless and her foot slave and her bitch. She's humiliate him and make him worship her feet until he decides she's fit to pass the course. It shouldn't take very long... Yelena can be pretty convincing and her feet as well.

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