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  • November 4, 2023 15 min 19 sec

POV foot slave for two perfect spitting goddesses

Yelena Ginger

You're so screwed, so under the power of your two goddesses, so weak, so whipped under their feet, helpless and at the same time really happy this is happening. You're at their feet right now, one of them has high heel pumps, the other one army boots and you're helplessly licking the bottom of their shoes, the soles of their shoes and their bare feet while they dominate you completely. Spitting on their feet and making you lick it off, spitting on you and making you smell their stinky feet that are pressed on your face so hard you almost can't even breathe. They got you by the balls, by the throat, you're totally submitted to their will and they will have their fun with you and then they will drop you like a piece of garbage and stomp it under their boots!

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