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  • February 17, 2024 6 min 47 sec

Girl on girl foot tickling challenge

Yelena Ginger

The two girls are having a foot tickling challenge today where they compete against each other. It's like a foot tickling fight between two girls. Who can take the tickling for longer? Yelena starts and her feet are being tickled by Ginger like crazy. She's locked up in stocks and her feet can't move away and she can't help laughing. It's both pleasure and and torture at the same time. Her bare feet are suffering, soles are so ticklish and it's the worst between her toes. She can't escape, she just has to take it. Than it's Gingers turn and she doesn't look promising, she can't win this. Or can she? Yelena will be brutal not for sure. Tak she take it?

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