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  • October 28, 2023 10 min 24 sec

Gym workout in smelly worn white socks

Blue Kate

Blue Kate is doing her regular workout and you have joined her today. She knows about your foot addiction and also that you love sweaty smelly feet and socks and she's OK with it. Why wouldn't she, right? It's just feet. OK smelly feet but still. She did workout hard today and having those years old shoes, sweating in them, it really works out great for you because she takes her shoes off and smells her feet herself and OMG what an awful smell it is to her. But to you it's like fresh roses and she knows it and lets you smell her socks too. She continues in those socks only and later on only barefoot and you're so turned on you can't even stand straight without showing it. But the best is yet to come as she's inviting you to go with her to the private room. Are you coming?

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