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  • April 3, 2024 26 min 37 sec

Ukrainian girl's sweaty itchy feet and socks in army boots


Her feet has been itching all day long. She never should have take these heavy boots on...feet are sweaty, itchy, socks are dirty and smelly as hell and she's just looking forward to get home and take those boots off! When Yelena finally gets home the itching is almost unbearable. She starts to scratch her itchy soles and toes and gets those shoes off only to see those horrible worn smelly socks. Her feet got dirty as well, all sweaty and smelly, she really didn't expect that. But what to do with it now? She just can't stop scratching her feet. It helps but only for a short while every time and than it's even worse than before. This is like a hell for her. But heaven for anyone who loves smelly feet and dirty worn socks ;-).

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