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  • November 18, 2023 16 min 56 sec

Mixed wrestling domination and foot smother and worship


Toby is not really what you'd call a sporty guy. He's really not very strong nor athletic that's why he's training with his friend Yelena who actually makes living as a gym trainer. He's not paying her for these trainings so she wanna have some fun at least and when Toby is doing such a bad job working out she starts a fight with him to show him even a girl can beat him up and to have some fun. She puts him quickly in a rear naked choke and he's helpless in few seconds. Than she performs some wrestling/grappling stuff and he's laying on hte floor like a loser and begs her for mercy. That's when she starts to think this is not enough. She needs to teach him a lesson. So she makes her feet as sweaty as she can using plastic bags on her feet and he has to lick her soles and suck her toes and worship her feet like she's a perfect goddess. This will teach him to be a man!

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