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  • November 9, 2023 24 min 31 sec

Office girls ball kick, trample and dominate their slave

Yelena Polina

Two girls, friends, one Ukrainian and one Russian are working in an office job together and lately there is so much work for them both it's really tiring. They have enough, it's Friday and they just wanna go home but there is more work with their little ones and husbands and just need some way to relax, to release the pressure so to speak. And that's when one of them remembers this number she has. It's for a company that will provide a slave to mess with for a fee or in some cases even for free. They decide to try it! A slave arrives in mask, obedient and polite but they don't care. They wanna hurt him! They want to feel like princesses, have their feet massaged, shoes licked. They wanna kick the slave, choke him, trample him, kick his balls until he drops on the floor helplessly. They wanna have their fun and beat and humiliate their slave and this way they can release bit them selves. Ou, look out slave is here already. Let's get started!

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