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  • October 3, 2023 12 min 50 sec

So sweaty & smelly feet she can't believe it!


Ginger has just finished her 12 kilometer run and she's all sweaty and smelly and tired and she's really happy to be finally back home. She drops her running shoes right away, she wore those barefoot with no socks on, so you can imagine how sweaty they have to be right now. And smelly too. A little bit too smelly it seems because even Ginger herself can't handle the smell. She can't even believe her feet could smell so bad! Good think you're home too. As her boyfriend who loves sweaty and smelly feet you're really excited about this! You don't say a word and get closer to her feet and start to sniff around. And it's awesome! You've always wished your girlfriend's feet would smell like this. Awesome! She doesn't seem to have any objections so get on it. Her smelly feet await! Classic POV video with really close up shots of Ginger's sweaty feet in your face!

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