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  • November 11, 2023 7 min 31 sec

Candid tasty feet of a cute classmate


School is here again...why can't holiday keep going forever..? Every day now you're gonna have to go to school, do homework and deal with guys from the other classes. But there are good things too - like Kasin. She's your classmate and she's hot, she's cute and she has amazing feet you just love! But can't ever tell her or anyone else that. They would laugh at you or what not, you never know how others would take it. So you need to do it secretly. You have to watch her feet so no one would know. You can ever try to make photos in some smart way, who knows maybe even video. But no one can know! OMG look at her, she has those flat shoes you love so much on her. You tries to smell them once when no one was looking and they smell so nice. Her feet must be even better! You have to take this opportunity. Look she's already playing with her feet and there is almost no one in the class. Let's make some photos.

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