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  • September 18, 2023 8 min 8 sec

Big feet model footjob innuendo play


She's young and pretty dirty girl who likes to play. She has you sitting in front of her and she wanna tease you a bit and see what you do, if you're gonna be uncomfortable or aroused. There is a bottle of water next to her feet on the table and she noticed you've been looking at her feet a lot so let's try something. She grabs the bottle with her feet and starts to play with it. At first it looks pretty innocent but soon she starts to stroke the bottle with her soles and grab it with her toes and it looks like she's jerking it. Smiling at you, watching your every move and having fun with it. You're getting nervous and she's gettin aroused her self at this point. It's pretty obvious you'd love to get a footjob with her sexy BIG feet and you can't hide it. She's stroking it more and more and you're starting to sweat and turning red. She got you now!

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