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  • September 13, 2023 15 min 4 sec

Very smelly feet, socks and sneakers worship

Blue Kate

Blue Kate has this friend, a guy friend who is very much into feet. What he loves to do the most is to smell them. Smell feet, socks, sneakers, pantyhose and he's just so much into this you wouldn't believe it. And Kate knows this very well and she likes to take a bit advantage of his weakness. Don't get me wrong, he loves it as well, it's just that she's always thinking to get something out of it as well. Kate is doing sports like every day and her feet are sore at the end of each day so why not use this guy to take care of them. Massage them, worship them and do whatever she wants and his payment is the same - he can massage her feet, smell them, put her socks on his nose and do everything he always wanted with her feet. He's bit of a slave in this way but what the hell right? They're both happy so where's the harm. Most FF guys wish they could have a girl friend like that. Kate knows you do.

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