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  • November 26, 2023 19 min 14 sec

Pantyhose cake crushing with two sexy foot chicks

Yelena Vicky

It's your birthday! And your two friends came to wish you all the best and brought you presents too. Apparently you wanted a nice cake and they know for a fact you love pantyhose on their legs and feet and they decided to merge those two things together. So you get your cake as you wanted but it will be on their pantyhose, their feet and toes and soles. How about that? Isn't it the best served cake you know? The girls have real fun with this and crush the cake right in front of you with their feet. They step all over it until their pantyhose are soaked with the cake completely. Now you can lick it off their feet and suck it off their pantyhose. Don't worry they'll enjoy it too. It's just feet problem. Come on than, enjoy the moment while it lasts and eat your cake. And happy birthday!

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