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  • August 30, 2023 5 min 59 sec

Long toes babe trying on heels in a naughty way


Her long toes are so sexy bare but in high heels they look amazing! As they're sticking out of those shoes just screaming to be sucked and worshiped. Her soles are very soft and sexy and smell so nice you'd want spend a whole day beneath them, with them on your face. But Gabi is into high heels so much she will tease you this way now and at the same time she'll feel great when you'll admire her sexy feet in all those pretty high heels. Tell her how sexy her feet are, how those shoes look amazing. Tell her, she wants to hear that. Her shoe fetish desires this! Worship her as a goddes and tell her how perfect she is and her feet and shoes also. Make her feel like the queen she is.

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