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  • October 25, 2023 16 min 34 sec

Foot tickling torture on her sexy Ukrainian feet


You have a sexy Ukrainian girl locked in stocks and she's gonna be tickled hard. That's what she signed up for but she has no idea yet how powerfull such a tickling could be. She has no experience with it but she's gonna have plenty after today. You start slow and tickle her toes and soles gently but it gets rough pretty soon and she's laughing like crazy but there is also something else. She seems to be enjoying it a little, she's aroused it didn't expect that at all. So you try some foot torture but she's even more into it, she's breathing heavily and she's enjoying every moment of it. It's hurts, it tickles, it's pleasant but all mixed together it's something that completely messes her receptors and she's in extasy. You're enjoying this very much as well and you have one more thing to look forward to - she's locked, her sexy high arches and pretty Ukrainian feet soles and toes are hepless and you can worship them as much as you want. I bet she'll love it too. After all, she's full of surprises.

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