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  • August 23, 2023 20 min 4 sec

Foot goddess Ester using her slave for pleasure


Goddesses like Ester have all their slave to do their every bidding, to literarly lay at their feet and serve at every moment. Ester has slave salve named Toby. She uses him mostly for her foot pleasures like foot massage, foot worship, shoe cleaning and shoe worship. He's very very happy to be available to her and does everything she just thinks. New day is here, morning and Ester just wakes up. She wants to get up now so she calls her slave who comes immediately and brings her shoes she points at. He puts them on her sexy bare feet and makes her a stool do sit on. Than a footstool when she's having her morning coffee which he brew a minute ago and than as a reward he can lick the bottoms of her high heels. What a honor for him! He might even get to massage his godess's feet while he's on the ground below them. What a dream for him! Or being a good boy he could maybe even worship her feet. Others would pay to do it and would be allowed anyway. That's what he can get for good service.

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