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  • August 20, 2023 8 min 32 sec

Foot size 45 and 42 competition

Fantagiro Tina

Tina has the biggest feet ever, size 45 and just huge. She's also tall and amazon like woman. Fantagiro has pretty big feet as well, size 42, but she's petite, she weights like 45 kg with the bed included and she has just bought new shoes. These two girls work together and when Tina comes in and sees those new sexy high heels of Fantagiro, she falls in love with them. She wants to try them on but pretty soon she realizes they will not fit. Her foot is really really BIG! Then Fantagiro tries Tina's shoe on but as expected it's so big she could fit both of her feet in there. They start to compare their BIG sexy bare feet and they're all into it so much they almost don't even realize their colleague Toby is watching them. They ask him for an opinion and when they realize he's into their huge feet they ask him for a foot massage and later on for more.

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