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  • August 26, 2023 19 min 4 sec

Mistress Yelena's loyal foot slave


Mistress Yelena is a goddess! She lives like a goddess, does whatever she wants and man like literarly falling at her feet and worshiping her like the goddess she is. She has one house slave right now and others elsewhere, and this guy will do anything for her. He cleans her home, goes shopping, pays for stuff and does everything he can to make his goddess happy. Yelena has just arrived home and he immediately falls on his knees and at her feet and kisses her toes in humility on the ground. As soon as Yelena sits down he serves as a footstool and worships and massages her feet. These slaves are so good for keeping a high confidence for girls like Yelena and that's why she enjoys this very much. She loves to let her slaves know she owns them, she's the center of their live and she love to pose in victory poses, sit on them, put her foot on their chests as they're laying on their back helpless agains her. She loves the power and she has it. Unlimited power!

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