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  • June 21, 2023 7 min 45 sec

BIG smelly feet POV ignore


You love Didi's big size 42 feet don't you? How they smell after a long hot day, how those socks are all worn and soaked with the scent of her feet. You wanna smell them and worship them but Didi doesn't care. She wants to be left alone. You're gonna have to be stubborn and relentless and not pay attention to what she says and only go for her feet. She'll get bored with telling you to go away and you'll have your way, believe me. She's too lazy right now to do more so you'll get to smell her sexy big feet and also kiss them, maybe even lick them and suck her toes. Just don't tickle her too much. She's pretty ticklish and she might take action then. But if you won't tickle, you'll have a free pass for her feet. Are you ready?

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