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  • October 17, 2023 14 min 6 sec

Foot tickling fight of two cuties

Kasin Yara

These two cute friends are with each other almost all the time. But Kasin is bored right now and Yara is reading a book and not giving any attention to Kasin. So she starts to think of way how to annoy Yara to make some fun. Foot tickling is the first thing that pops up in her mind. So she starts to gently tickle Yara's small soft feet and soles. She has such a highly arched feet, it's an awesome shape, very sexy. But Yara doesn't take the tickling well and she laughts excessively and can't read anymore, she's totally paralized. But then she wants to return the favor and the foot tickling fight begins. Both girls are playing with their feet, tickling each other and unknowingly teasing you in the process. They're so sexy together, don't you think?

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