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  • July 13, 2023 12 min 57 sec

Double foot smelling at the gym

Yelena Ginger

Yelena is making living as a gym trainer and she's doing great. A big reason is the gym, which is great as well but mostly the guy who owns it is really into feet. And if Yelena lets him worship her feet once in a while he lets her train her clients in the gym for free so she can have really competetive prices. It's a win-win scenario, really. Today Yelena has a client in the gym and the owner just arrives to say hi but he can't take his eyes off those girl§s amazing feet. The client is a bit surprised but Yelena explains her all about his foot fetish and offers that if she lets him worhsip her gym feet as well she'l have a free lesson today. It's sound good to her and the double foot worship, foot smelling, sweaty socks enjoyment can start and the owners dream comes true indeed.

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