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  • June 8, 2023 13 min 39 sec

POV gym perv has to smell her sweaty socks


You're visiting this gym every now and then. You do somewhat workout but even rather than that you love to check out the girls there. Their body, ass and mostly their feet. OMG you just love feet, nice smelly gym feet are the best. A bit sweaty and just freshly taken out of gym shoes...that's like heaven to you. And today this amazing girl is in. She's really sporty, with amazing ass you'd worship and feet that just wanna be kissed and smelled. She's like a gym goddess! You're watching her all the time and she starts to notice and gets annoyed by you. But you're relentless and won't stop watching her, especially after she takes off her shoes and shows those sexy worn smelly white socks. She's getting mad now and pushes you on the floor and tell you if you want to stare at her she'll humiliate you with her stinky feet and kick your ass. But that's exactly what you want!

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