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  • May 28, 2023 25 min 44 sec

Stepsister's sexy BIG and smelly feet worship, POV


Your stepsister has just arrived home after a long long day at work. She's tired, her feet are sore and sweaty and smelly and she's really looking forward to relax right now. As she's laying on the sofa with her feet up she remembers this conversation you had with her few days back about her feet. You said they're so big and pretty and sexy and back than you thought he was just kidding but what is he wasn't? Se decides to test it because she could really use a foot massage right now! She calls you in and asks you about it. You're straight forward with it, you say you love her feet and you'd be happy to give her a foot massage. And more... It's a deal! You can play with her sexy feet, smell them, worship them and have your way with them but only after you massage her feet until she's happy. Than you can get all your dreams about smelly feet of your stepsister fulfilled. Deal!

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