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  • September 21, 2023 32 min 29 sec

Foot slave domination, verbal humiliation and spitting by two goddesses

Yelena Polina

Yelena and Polina are a Ukrainian and a Russian girl and they are mean! Their slave could talk about for hours if he was allowed to. He's now waiting at home for his mistresses to return and when they do he knows he'll suffer. He always does...Thing is that the girls love to be mean, to torture, humiliate, dominate and own man. This is their lifestyle. They're coming home right now and right away order the slave to kiss their high heels and worhsip their feet, then take him by his long hair and drag him where they want him. Than the brutal spitting starts. They humiliate the slave over and over, spit in his mouth, on his face while he's under their feet. They verbally humiliate him at he same time he worships their feet and high heels and continue spitting at him as much as they want. He's feeling like a total loser right now. Being owned by two beatuful girl who only beat him and treat him as the loser he is. As a doormat udner their feet. "Now it's time for some horse riding. Get on all fours and ride me bitch!"

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