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  • April 30, 2023 16 min 58 sec

Licking stinky feet of two friends clean, POV

Yara Vicky

Usually guys have the disgusting ability not to wash and shower for days and be all sticky and sweaty but Vicky and Yara are just like that as well. Yara has just returned from a long jogging and Vicky was skating outside for half a day and they're both all sweaty and smelly, especially their feet are. They stink on miles but they don't mind. Who will mind is Charlie, presented from first person view, who didn't clean up afterhimself last time and he left a horrible mess here. And the girls want to punish him for it. Severly! And what is better punishment than to make him smell their stinky feet and lick them clean? They have very nice feet, both of them, but as stinky as these, not many people would love to lick them and smell them up close. To have 4 smelly feet on their face and in their mouth. But Charlie has no choice here. He will lick their feet clean, period!

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