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  • April 20, 2023 11 min 4 sec

Lazy guy's double foot smother humiliation

Fantagiro Vicky

Vicky and Fantagiro live together for years now during their studies and recently they got a third roommate to help them pay the rent. His name is Ozzy and he's a bit lazy guy but so far their living together was without any troubles. But today their view of Ozzy will change for ever. As they arrive home after half day out, walking around, hitting the gym and some other girly stuff, they immediately notice a horrible smell. What the hell is it? Did something died here?? they think. But as they go through the appartment they find Ozzy half sleeping on the sofa, next to incredibly messed up and smelly kitchen. They are disgusted, mad and they want him to clean it all up right now! But he's the laziest guy you've ever seen and won't move a muscle. This need another approach. Since the girls socks and feet are pretty smelly to right now, they think it's something that could teach him a lesson and wake him up. Or at least punish him for all of this, as he's gonna be smothered by their 4 feet and socks, laying under them on the floor. That's something he deserves! And they want a foot massage as well!

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