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  • April 13, 2023 15 min 0 sec

Mad girlfriend POV trampling and smelly foot and sock smother


You're so lazy your girlfriend is getting mad about more and more often. Last time she was really pissed, she start throwing stuff around and screaming at you. But you can't help it. You love TV and your piece in the evening and today as you came back from work you again didn't clean the place and didn't help in any way. Now she arrived and immediately she got mad as she found you in front of the TV again. But this time it's gonna be different. She's determined to teach you a lesson. Your girlfriend has returned from gym, she didn't even take a shower there and she wants those smelly gym socks and sweaty feet to teach you that lesson about responsibility. She drops you on the ground and stopms your face with her stinky feet, smothering you until you almost pass out. You have to smell her feet and socks and you'll worship them as well. And at the end you'll give her a nice foot massage berofe she sends you to clean the whole place up. If smell foot smother and domination will not help, nothing will!

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