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  • May 3, 2023 16 min 19 sec

You got kidnapped and forced to worship your date's feet


You got a great date with a beautiful girl. She's smart, funny, educated and she's just the next level you always dreamt about. After the date she invites you in and you're on the stairs in her building, anticipating a passionate evening. Your hearth is pounding, it's harder to walk and as you enter her appartment you realize you're not well. Your body gets so heavy and your head is clouded...what the hell is going on? Why now, when you're finally were you wanted to be? Oh wait...did she put something to your drink? Now you don't have time to think about it anymore, you're blacking out. When you wake up, you'll find yourself tied up, on the ground and the pretty girl is sitting above you explaining what's going on. She likes power and she thinks you're a complete loser and she will remid you that all the time now. She owns you now. There is no escape. You'll have to do what she says. And she wants to humiliate you, make you worship her feet, lick the bottoms of her shoes, the same shoes she wore on your date. Losers deserves nothing better she says. So just do what she says and it will be over before you know it. You'll be humiliated and dominated by her completely but you'll be free.

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