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  • April 8, 2023 18 min 35 sec

Bossy girlfriend enjoys foot gaggin and face kicking


Toby is happy to have a girlfriend, even though she's a bit bossy. Well she's actually bossy a lot and also arrogant and mean and dominant. But he can't be choosy, she's pretty, girly, have an amazing ass and that's not something he will walk away from. At this moment he's going to her place, she has time for him now and they did setup a date at 14:00. But he's late. And she's really not happy about it. Toby is pretty submisive and he kinda fears what's awating him from Ester, the girlfriend, once he arrives, because he knows she can be somewhat revengeful. And she really will be today. In 3 words - she's pissed! He's not allowed to sit on the sofa, but he has to be on the ground. He's gonna have to clean her place, clean her shoes from a cookie she stepped on and he'll have to take some abuse from Ester face kicking him and sticking her feet and shoes in his mouth until he gags. It sounds like she's her slave...and I guess he basically is. She also bought him a cake, for his upcomming birthday but he's not gonna eat it just like that. He's gonna lick it off the bottom of her shoes and eat it of her base feet. Well, he was coming late, right...?

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