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  • April 2, 2023 14 min 21 sec

Gym smelly feet domination by two hotties, POV

Vicky Megan

You're into smelly sweaty feet so much you can't help yourself and you visit this gym regurarly. Not so much to work out but mostly to look at hot girls, your goddesses you love so much and you try to get close to their feet as much as you can. If you could just smell some girl's gym feet and sneakers! That would be awesome! Oh look, those two hotties. Wow, they're amazing. You have to try to get at their feet. And look at those gorgeous asses of theirs! Wow those are really goddesses! You try to get close but they are pretty mean too as it turns out. One of them starts to yell at you that you're a perv and a freak looking at their asses. You get embarrased but they she says something that breaks the ice, just as you're looking at their shoes - "Yes those are sneakers. Do you want our shoes or what??". To that you agree and now they know whats going on. You're a foot perv. They make you a deal - these goddesses want your money, new shoes, for you to be their pay pig and ATM and they want a foot massage. If you agree you can smell their gym sneakers and sweaty feet right now. So? Well? What? Do you agree?

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