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  • March 21, 2023 11 min 44 sec

Turkish slave being dominated by Czech mistress


Lucie has just got her new slave and is about to have some fun with him this evening. He's young, willing to do anything for her and he's just begging for her attention. Lucie loves this devotion! When guys are literarly falling at her feet, when she's the queen, the boss, the goddess. Her BIG size 41 feet with nice toes and soft soles are the price here. Everyone would love to worship them and her. But Lucie is picky. You're not gonna pass when you're not perfect for her. You gotta be willing to be her doormat, clean her shoes, massage her feet, bark when she tells you to and be quiet as she's trampling you. This guy is doing well so far, Lucie is happy.

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