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  • May 7, 2023 17 min 51 sec

Cheating bastard deserves double foot domination

Yelena Helena

Yelena has returned home earlies than planned and she's waiting there for her boyfriend. But when he comes a big surprise reveals itself, he hasn't come alone. Another girl is next to him and it's obvious what's going on here. He tries to explaing it's not what it looks like and that's just about feet with her because she has amazing big feet and long toes but Yelena is really mad. She forces the girl to sit next to her a him to worship her feet. Since he loves feet so much he's gonna do it right now! And then he'll worship both of their's feet. Now! Get down on the ground and kiss my feet! She says in her current desire to dominate him, humiliate him and make him her slave. And the other girl will sit there embarrassed, have her feet worshiped and stay quiet!

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