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  • February 13, 2023 15 min 3 sec

Sexy college foot girls owning the school headmaster

Yelena Helena

It's hard to be the headmaster at local school. Every parent has something to to you about, every other kid has some problems of it's own and you get very little appreciation. The headmaster is working late, he's tired already and looking forward to go home when two schoolgirls come in without knocking, dressed in sexy outfits and start to flirt with him, showing off their feet and the headmaster is hooked. They talk about their tired feet and their need for foot massage and worship and headmaster can't resist. They know very well what they're doing. Having some problems with presence and also having very strict parents they need to make sure everything at school will go smoothly for them. And easiest way of making sure of that is to have the headmaster wrapped around their fingers...or toes in this case. He can't say no to these 4 sexy feet, long toes and high arches. He's totally controlled by these schoolgirls' feet and soles now.

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