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  • March 25, 2023 19 min 37 sec

Double pantyhose office foot worship

Yelena Layla

You and your young sexy colleague are both enjoying when you smell her worn pantyhose and massage and worship her feet on the table, when you can sniff her high heels right there in the office and when you're helping her with her job from time to time as a thank you. Her feet are amazing, unbelievable, so stinky sometime you're almost done before you even start! As you're enjoying her feet your boss comes in and she's not too happy with what she sees. She tells your colleague to leave and you expect her to be disgusted by what you were doing there but the opposite is the truth. She wants her feet to be worshiped now and you're gonna do it. Damn, it's the greatest surprise you could have ever image. You're in! As you're worshiping your boss's feet and pantyhose the first colleague comes in and now she's pretty mad that you're worshiping your boss's feet. But fortunately the boss offers you could worship both of their feet, smell them, massage them and take care of them. So you have now two sexy beautiful girls sitting in front of you pushing their smelly pantyhosed feet onto your face. Correction - this is the greatest surprise and basically a paradise for you. You never hopes something like this could ever happen!

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