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  • March 5, 2023 17 min 27 sec

Colleague's under table foot worship in the office


There have been several network adaptors failures in the past week and the IT hardware guy is replacing them as he can. Now he's in this one office that this tall girl in sexy high heels, long toes and amazing feet is using and she has just came in. She's wondering what is this guy doing in her office and he explains the situation. She lets him work but he can't, he totally hooked on her feet. He's working under the table, close to her feet and even though he can't concentrate at all he figurer the problem is the same - bad network adaptor. But there is not enough of them to be replaced and he has only one left and that one is supposed to go to his boss's computer. But when the girl notices he's into her feet like crazy, she makes him a deal - he is allowed to worship her amazing feet and she gets the adaptor right now. Deal?

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