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  • April 23, 2023 13 min 7 sec

Office secretary foot worship fantasy


Jack is working in an office together with a colleague, a sexy colleague, with high heels, pretty feet and toes, great ass and body, he's working with a goddess. But mostly he loves her feet, he dreams about worshiping them. He's actually dreaming about them now. His eyes are closed and there is a vivid image in his mind about taking off her sexy high heels and kissing her feet. Unfortunatelly for him, it's pretty obvious he's in some kind of dreaming mode and his colleague is pretty much disgusted that she must work next to him. But he's just in another world right now. A world where she loves foot worship and his attention and she encourages him to do so. And Jack is not gonna come out of this fantasy any time soon, it's like a dream almost coming true to him.

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