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  • March 29, 2023 15 min 20 sec

Fireplace relaxation with sexy Ukrainian goddess foot teasing


You're waiting at home for your wife to return from work, have a shower and then relax with you in your livingroom. She's finally here, she wants to do some light reading and as she sits down and starts to play with her feet as she always does when reading you're getting ideas. Her feet are so sexy and tasty, those high arches and sexy toes, amazing soles and nice sandals you could lick as well. You're pretty horny right now and turned on by her feet. She knows you love it and if you want to worship her feet you can. She will enjoy it as well. In fact that's why she is playing with her feet so much, to tease you into worshiping her bare feet, soles and toes. It arouses her too.

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