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  • March 11, 2023 11 min 0 sec

Pretty petite tutor shows her long toes as a rewad


You have a tutor to help you with your German language lessons. She's really petite girl, with glasses and well educated but still, you feel she's a bit kinky under all that up-right citizen face. She has some troubles motivating you to study hard enough in the past and today she's gonna try a different approach. She noticed you're looking way much often at her feet and she suspects you're a foot fetishist. Is she correct? Well than, now you're gonna have a treat. Her pantyhose are worn and she has the most soft soles and very long toes and sexy slim feet. Both of her feet could fit in your mouth without a problem. You wanna try?? Ok, no problem. If it helps to motivate you for harder study, then why not.

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