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  • November 28, 2022 16 min 11 sec

Caged slave doggy gets humiliated by two gorgeous mistresses

Anita Vicky

Anita's friend Vicky is finally going to visit her but what she doesn't know is that Anita is a mistress having her own slave. As Vicky enters the apartment with Anita, she is amazed how beautiful the place is and she's having a tour around. Tha's how she gets to the garden where she sees a cage for a dog. Vicky loves dogs! So she goes closer but what she finds in the cage is not a dog. It's a guy in mask! Anita rushes to explain what's going on here and Vicky is pretty surprised. But also very curious what it is all about, to have a slave. So Anita offers to show her everything. They order the slave out of the cage, they put him on a leash and starts to walk him around the garden. It's so much fun for Vicky. She loves it! "What else can the slave do? Can he clean the bottoms of my shoes?? I want a foot massage!" Vicky starts to think about all the stuff she would like to try. This is gonna be fun!

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