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  • September 30, 2022 13 min 21 sec

Under smelly feet smother and domination


Fernando attends a university classes here in Czech Republic and during the studies he's living here on dormatory. His roommate is this big girl who doesn't speak nor understand English all that well and seems to be a mean bitch on occasion. Fernando doesn't like her all that much. He's a little bit scared of her too. As Fernando is working out in their appartment in the dormitory, Didi, the roommate returns from jogging session. She's all sweaty and smelly and most of all her feet and those disgusting socks are smelling all over the place. And it is right now when her mean side shows up as she's sitting over Fernando, who's working out on the floor. He minds his own business but Didi starts to tell him something in Czech and right after that she puts her smelly feet with socks on Fernando's face and presses them down with force. She's a big girl, as I said before and Fernando doesn't have the strength to release himself from bottom of her feet. He's being smothered and he's pretty much helpless right now. But as little as he know, this is just the beginning. Didi is a bully and she's having fun right now, She wants to smother Fernando, make him smell her worn socks and sweaty feet and make him worship her feet. And there is nothing her can do to stop her...only this left to do is to take the foot smother and foot domination and humiliation from this girl and maybe beg for mercy...if that will help at all...

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