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  • August 29, 2022 15 min 6 sec

Video call with your ex showing her BIG bare feet JOI


Your last ex had amazing feet - BIG, soft soles, nice toes and most importantly she actually enjoyed your foot worshiping very much. It turned her on and both of you really enjoyed it. You have a good relationship still, even though you're not together anymore and you're horny as hell right now so you figure there's no harm in calling her in video call and telling her how much you miss her perfect feet. She's quite surprised but as soon as you talk about her feet she's glad you still love them and they turn you on that much. Maybe you could do a nice foot worship over the video or at least she could show you her sexy soles and toes and tease you with them. She misses it too and it could be a nice win-win situation. So she puts her feet on the table where her phone is and you can see her soles right in front of you. What an amazing sight! This is gonna be great! She even agreed to give you a count at the end and she's looking forwand to it.

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