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  • August 8, 2022 15 min 49 sec

Findom and verbal humiliation under goddess's feet, POV


Your goddess knows what you're addicted to. It's feet, high heels, high arches but mostly soles and toes of such a goddess as Anita. For some time you can hold the urge but at the end it always overcomes you and you're weak. She has such a power over you at that time, you're helpless. If she says "Pay up!" you just have to do it, give out the money at her feet and beg her to let you lick her soles. And she's very much aware of this, that's why you're here today, right? You're weak today, your urge has came out and you have to be at your goddess's feet. But that comes at a price, in money, in pride and in your freedom. If you want feet then you goddess wants your money. All of it preferably. And when you have nothing, she'll kick you out and you'll never see her feet again. At least until you come crawling back with cash, begging she would let you at least lick the bottoms of her'll pay! You'll do anything for you goddess!

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