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  • August 1, 2022 12 min 6 sec

BIG and colorful sleepy soles in bed


It's a Saturday morning and Didi is really lazy to get out of her bed. She's not sleeping, just resting, thinking about getting up but it's sooo comfy and warm in the bed. This is what you like the most because you can worship her feet, her amazing soft and BIG colorful soles without her protesting at all. She actually loves it when you touch and lick her feet like this in the bed. She never says anything but she loves it. It feel so good, all those light touches on her soles and toes. And you love it even more, right? These sexy soles are yours to play however you want now. That's the perfect setup and a real win-win situation. So get on it, worship those sexy colorful soles while you can. Because once Didi gets up she'll be running all over the place you won't have another chance to worship her sexy feet.

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