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  • July 2, 2022 17 min 5 sec

Forcing her sweaty feet and socks on his face for sniffing


Megan has just returned from her usual Friday tennis game while her boyfriend is at home, laying on the sofa and doing some reading. She takes her shoes off and notices how smelly and sweaty they are. And being a brat and girl who loves to be mean a bit and playful too but usually in a dominant way, she gets an idea. Why not to give Charlie a bit of a hell....have some fun for myself. She approaches Charlie and presses those smelly shoes on his face. He's trying not to breath it in but he has to. It smells so bad but he's bit of a slacker with passive attitude so Megan has the upper hand here. She forces Charlie to smell those shoes until he begs her to stop. So she does but only to force her socks on face instead. Megan can be pretty mean if she wants to... Charlie is helpless and want's her to take those smelly socks off but what he doesn't realize is that her bare feet are even more smelly and sweaty than those socks and shoes. So Megan happily complies and presses her bare soles on Charlie's face. He's moaning and begging but it's no use. Megan is set to have some more fun right now. Maybe she'll give him some breather time when he'll massage and worship her feet. But then he will have to sniff her stinky feet again!

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