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  • June 28, 2022 21 min 4 sec

Jack's double foot trouble with two pretty schoolmates

Polina Bunny

They're all coming together to the same school, they know each other pretty well by now but the girls know Jack a little bit more than he knows. The two girls are sitting home, talking to each other and Jack is between them on the sofa just listening. But he gets more and more nervous as they start talking about their feet. He's visibly oncomfortable and the girls know it. Soon they start asking him questions about feet and they really enjoy how embarrased he is. Then one of them puts her foot in front of Jack's face and asks him how does he like it. Jack is really embarrased now. He can barely talk. But then the other girl puts her foot in front of him too. And the girls tell him to touch their feet, to smell them, to kiss them. Jack can't take it anymore! They confess they know about the foot fetish stuff and that they want to try it. Both of them. Right here right now. Damn! I wish this hapenned during my scholl years! Don't you?

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